Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Modi of India Before Bilateral Meeting | Biarritz, France | Beaufort County Now

Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Modi of India Before Bilateral Meeting | Biarritz, France president, donald trump, dnlds wht hs, remarks, prime minister, modi, india, august 27, 2019
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Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Modi of India Before Bilateral Meeting | Biarritz, France

Press Release:

Centre de Congrès Bellevue  •  Biarritz, France  •  August 26  •  12:35 P.M. CEST

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. It's great to be with Prime Minister Modi of India. Incredible country and he's an incredible man. Just had a tremendous election victory and he really is a man who's loved and respected in his country.

    We're talking about trade and we're talking about military. We're talking about many different things, and we've had some great discussions. We were together last night for dinner, and I learned a lot about India. Fascinating place. Beautiful place. And it's an honor to be with you. A real honor.

    PRIME MINISTER MODI: (As interpreted.) Today, I'm meeting my friend and the representative of the oldest democracy in the world, President Trump. It's a very important meeting for me. And whenever we've had the opportunity, we've always met.

    As you know, India is the largest democracy, and we had elections recently where 700 million Indian voters chose their government. And President Trump had time for me to congratulate me. And again, today, he has conveyed his congratulations. I'd like to thank him for that.

    India and the United States are countries who have - which have shared democratic values. And we work for the welfare of the world. And whatever contribution we can make, in whichever way, we have these common values and we work for the progress of humanity, for the world, for continuous progress. We have continuous discussions on these issues.

    India and the United States, we have been discussing on a continuous basis various economic trade and commercial relation issues. And on many of these issues, we have welcomed U.S. suggestions. Together, we are working in the area of trade. We are making efforts to take this forward.

    The Indian community in the United States has made substantial investments over the years. They have taken a part, very actively, in the development part of the United States. And the way the United States has showered love and has embraced them as their own, for that I would like to thank President Trump, his administration, and the people of the United States.

    Q   Mr. President, can you clarify your position on whether you will mediate on Kashmir, please?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we spoke last night about Kashmir. And the Prime Minister really feels he has it under control. I know they speak with Pakistan, and I'm sure that they will be able to do something that will be very good. We spoke about it last night at great length.


    Q   Mr. Modi, do you want to add?

    PRIME MINISTER MODI: (As interpreted.) Between India and Pakistan, there are many bilateral issues. And after Minister Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, I called him up to congratulate him. And I told him that Pakistan needs to fight poverty; India too. Pakistan needs to fight illiteracy; India too. Pakistan needs to fight disease; India too.

    And so, together, let us join our forces to fight poverty and all the ills that are facing our two countries. Let us work together for the welfare of the people of our two countries. And this is the message that I keep giving my counterpart in Pakistan. Along with President Trump, we also keep talking about the different bilateral issues between us.

    Q   Mr. Modi, would you like to have President Trump be involved in negotiating between Pakistan and India?

    PRIME MINISTER MODI: (As interpreted.) India and Pakistan have - all the issues are of bilateral nature. And we do not want to give pains to any country in the world - to, in fact, try to do anything in this, because these issues are bilateral. And I trust that before 1947, when we were one country, that even afterwards we can find solutions through discussions.

    Q   Mr. President, is that offer still on the table?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: I'm here. Look, I have a very good relationship with both gentlemen, and I'm here. If for any reason - but I think they can do it themselves very well. They've been doing it for a long time.

    Q   Mr. President, the Chinese have said today publicly that it's more low-level calls that have happened and they're downplaying the significance of the calls with U.S. administration -

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: I don't know what you mean by that. Low level? The Vice Premier is low level? I don't think so. I mean, it's in your mind they're low level.

    What is the position of the gentleman that was quoted in the newspaper today?


    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Vice Premier Liu He came out with very significant statements, and we've been communicating through intermediaries back and forth with him.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: He's the Vice Premier of China.

    Q   Yes, sir, I understand that.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: That's not low level.

    Q   I understand. I agree. I was just - there was a statement that the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry produced, that they weren't aware -

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: I don't know about a spokesman.

    Q   - of the calls happening.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: I don't know about a spokesman.

    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: There has been communication going on.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: At the highest level. At the highest level. Okay?

    Q   Can you clarify the calls, Mr. Mnuchin?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, I don't want - you'll see what happens.

    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: We don't want to go into it. (Inaudible.)


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