Remarks by President Trump and Chancellor Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany Before Bilateral Meeting | Biarritz, France | Beaufort County Now

Remarks by President Trump and Chancellor Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany Before Bilateral Meeting | Biarritz, France president, donald trump, dnlds wht hs, remarks, chancellor, merkel, federal republic of germany, august 27, 2019
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Remarks by President Trump and Chancellor Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany Before Bilateral Meeting | Biarritz, France

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Centre de Congrès Bellevue  •  Biarritz, France  •  August 26  •  11:21 A.M. CEST

    Q   Mr. President, when will you visit to Berlin?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we'll be coming to Germany. A very special place. And we look forward to coming. We haven't set that date, but we will be going to Germany. Absolutely. Thank you.

    Thank you very much. We've had a great couple of days. Very productive. And Chancellor Merkel and I have really, I think, come to some very good conclusion on lots of things, including trade. We do a tremendous amount of trade with Germany. A great trading partner. And we've reached agreement on a lot of different things. And we probably think we're going to be upping the trade over a very short period of time. Actually, we do a lot of trade, but we can up it quite a bit.

    We also talked military. We talked defense. We talked about a lot of different things. And a lot of really wonderful things will conclude. I think it's been a great two days. So, thank you very much. Very much, Angela. Thank you.

    CHANCELLOR MERKEL: (As interpreted.) Well, I can only confirm this: We had indeed very productive talks while we're here, and we're going to continue such productive talks on a bilateral level. And in view of the very close relationship that binds our two countries together, I am confident that we can do good things together and can continue (inaudible).

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: No doubt. And we've also had a very good G7. I think it's been, really, a productive G7 and coming to a close, I guess, sometime this afternoon. We're going to be doing a press conference. I'll be doing one later. Perhaps you will. Are you doing a press conference? I hope so. If you do one, I may go. (Laughter.) Just to watch.

    But we'll be doing - we'll be leaving after the press conference, going back to the United States. Okay? Thank you.

    Q   Mr. President, do you still consider on German cars?


    Q   Do you still consider tariffs on German cars?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: I hope not. I mean, we're going to come to some conclusions. We talked about a new trade deal between, you know, not just Germany, but between the Union and ourselves - European Union. And I think, you know, we're having some very good discussions going.


    I hope not. I really do hope not.

    Q   Mr. President, do you have any conclusions on ISIS fighters coming back from Syria?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we talked about that just a few minutes ago. We've captured thousands of ISIS fighters. We have them now. They're captured. They're in various locations, but predominantly in one.

    They came from Europe, in almost all cases. And we've told Europe, "I hope you're going to be able to take them back and do something." So, it's something that we've discussed with the various nations, taking them back. Because the United States, we did a great favor for, you know, the fact we were able to capture - we were able to take 100 percent of the caliphate. One-hundred percent.

    But we have thousands of ISIS fighters that are captured. Some very dangerous. Some of them are very dangerous. And we think they should go to the country from which they came. And that's what's pretty much going to happen. I think we had a pretty good meeting. And that had not reached a total conclusion, but it's unfair for the United States to take them, because they didn't come from the United States.

    Q   Mr. President, do you and Mrs. Merkel agree on a step forward for Iran?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: We haven't discussed Iran too much, but I think we agree that Iran shouldn't be nuclear. It's a very important thing. In fact, I think we'll be coming out with a statement, to that effect, from the G7. Everybody agrees that we cannot let Iran become a nuclear - have nuclear weapons.

    CHANCELLOR MERKEL: (As interpreted.) Well, I can only repeat that we, together - that is to say all of the G7 members - have said that we want to prevent any kind of nuclear weapons for Iran. That's something that we want to prevent. We've said we wanted to achieve that through negotiations. We had very productive talks on this issue as well. But it is, obviously, still moving as an issue. And it is slowly moving forward, but there's still a long way to go yet.

    Q   Mr. President, what are your thoughts on the working session on climate?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: I do think that we really made some big progress with respect to Iran in terms of unity of the G7. And there has been great unity. Really. It's been flawless, in that sense. And, you know, we had a lot of fake news where they're saying, "Oh, there's no unity. There's no unity." In fact, total unity. We've had a really - I'm talking about all of the seven countries. And it's been really good. It's been - now, it's not quite over yet; we have a meeting or two left, right?

    But I will tell you, we've had great unity, even with Iran. A lot of - a lot of progress made on Iran. And we've come to a conclusion, more or less. But the biggest part of the conclusion: They can't have nuclear weapons.


    But we have had a very successful G7. Very friendly. Very friendly. Very opposite of what you've reported. I mean, you had a report where - I was in the plane, I hadn't even landed yet, and you said I was in a dispute. And I said, "That's tough. I haven't landed yet." So, as you know, that was your predisposition.

    The other thing is, the country is doing very - the United States, as you know, is doing very, very well. Talks are going on with China at a very high level. As you know, Steve, you might just want to mention what was said, but it was just reported in Bloomberg and others that - Marketwatch - that China just put out a statement.

    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Well, we appreciate the Vice Premier Liu - his comments that he just came out with. And we look forward to continuing our discussions with him. Ambassador Lighthizer and I will expect to continue those shortly.

    Q   Mr. President, do you still believe that the EU treats the U.S. -


    Q   Do you still believe that the EU treats the U.S. worse than China on trade, after your discussions?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: I think the European Union - and I've said this openly; I say it with respect - I think they're as tough as China. I really do. I think they're very tough. The United States has been not treated particularly well over the years. And I'm not saying that as - it should have been the other way around, but it wasn't. I congratulate you.

    But the European Union, they're tough. Very tough. They're very tough traders. And the United States has lost tremendous amounts of money over the many years with the European Union. And I don't hold that against the European Union, I hold it against our presidents and administrations that did not do a good job.

    I respect the European Union. I respect China for being able to do what they've done to the United States over the years. I mean, you look at a guy like Sleepy Joe Biden, the fact that he would allow them, for eight years with Obama, to do what they did to us. This should have happened - what I'm doing with China should have happened 25 years ago. Not just President Obama. I mean, many presidents. You go back with Bush and Clinton. I mean, many - many Presidents should have done something about this.

    They're taking out hundreds of billions of dollars a year. You know, intellectual property theft by the billions and billions and billions. It's not right. Somebody should have done it. And I'm not blaming China, I'm blaming our representatives and leadership for doing a bad job.


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