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Everyone, keep an eye of the "Russia Collusion" Boomerang. Russia Collusion, Boomerang, FBI Director Jim Comey, Obama Executive Branch
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For all Patriots and Non Patriots Alike, Heed this Warning: It's Boomerang Time

    Currently, as the Fake News outlets promote recession, with no data to defend such, with their constant advocation Racism built upon their carefully constructed foundation of racial division almost always upon their lips, where now "All Things Russia All Day Long" is seldom the hyperbole of constant resort, it must be broadcast to all real Americans everywhere to ...

Keep an eye on the "Russia Collusion" Boomerang, which will never be discussed by the Fake News until it is far too late for they are totally complicit in this sorry mess.

    Furthermore, it will be necessary to continue to push through this discovery of the real truth to put this Democratic Socialist /Swamp instigated constant narrative - "All Things Russia All Day Long" - to right, so, and this critically important, it will never happen again. Real information, from real investigations by honorable people, is now coming in drips and drabs, but what we do know so far is that President Trump was ignorant of Comey's illegal behavior during his first months in office, but still fired him only on a hunch.

    It was an outstanding hunch, but the President should not have been kept in the dark by these Swamp creatures about FBI Director Comey, and, likewise, so many of the other bad actors within the Deep State; working in concert with the Fake News, to effect this "Silent Coup" to depose a duly elected American president - Donald John Trump.

    Currently, and for some time, Judicial Watch has been carrying much of the burden of discovery for America's real patriots, but AG Bill Barr has already seen far too much; hence this term now often employed by the AG - "political surveillance". I actually agree with the Fake News this once; it is far better descriptor than the previous vernacular of "spying"; has a descriptive ring to it.

    Now, the non patriot Democratic Socialists must win the house, the senate and the presidency to shut all this truth down, like the non patriots in the house and senate were successful in working with the non patriot Obama Executive branch, after September 11, 2012, to shut down the investigation into the Benghazi Battle; code named "Operation Leave Americans ALL to Die; Blame on 'Despicable Video'".

    Patriots, let us take the fight to the Authoritarian Democratic Socialists, and let us save the Republic from their certain destructive non patriotic force. As patriots, it is the least we can do to for those that have given so much to sustain our good nation.


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