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Two separate rants here on basically the same subject: The hating of President Trump. President Trump, Judiciary Chairman, Non Patriot, Jerry Nadler
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Diminutive House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler Continues Going Small in Governing America

    Two separate rants here on basically the same subject: The hating of President Trump

Rant One - July 26, 2019 after 9:00 pm:

    House of Representatives Judiciary Chairman and Non Patriot Jerry Nadler will continue to investigate President Trump, regardless of the Mueller Democratic Socialists' staff report, and 'knows that he absolutely lied to Mueller on many levels, some in writing', so, "this President must be Impeached".

    I am beginning to agree with you Democratic Socialists. So, go ahead right now and Impeach Mr. Trump. You Democratic Socialists in both houses of congress have sworn to do nothing as long as Mr. Trump is president; you call it "the Resistance Movement". Anyway, you Democratic Socialists are no use to anyone right now, especially the patriots, who steer and defend this nation when allowed or begged to.

    Go ahead and Impeach this President, and should you, Democratic Socialists, win, you get rid of Trump; Vice President Pence will be president. Who knows, you may be able to Impeach him for being a Christian, or, meeting with too many groups of Americans in his official capacity.

    Go ahead, get rid of Mr. Trump. Either way, win or lose, you non patriot Democratic Socialists will lose the presidential election in 2020, and the House of Representatives.

    Why will you lose?

    There are still plenty of Americans who will not vote for non-patriot, hypocrites, who are genuinely stupid in their every thought, word and deed.

    Oh, and one more thing; this just in: WE (the patriots) WILL BUILD THE WALL beginning tomorrow at first light.

Rant Two - July 27, 2019 after 1:00 pm:

    What we are now seeing from the Democratic Socialist controlled House of Representatives is their tenacity in continuing their Mock Impeachment of Donald Trump; sending out subpoenas that will never be honored without a court mammoth fight, which the Democratic Socialists will probably lose.

    One must wonder: Do they not understand that the Executive Branch is not subservient to the Legislative? It is call Executive Privilege.

    The Democratic Socialists can always make it real (it could work for them this way) by officially Impeaching Trump, Pence and every member of his cabinet, staff, etc.

    The reason the U.S. House does not know these truths is the stupidity factor. The Fake News, consumed with propaganda, does not help with either these Democratic Socialist idiots, or their not so brilliant constituents knowing real stuff ... or these fools would never have been elected in the first place.

    Considering these aforementioned truths: What is the Democratic Socialist Remedy? It is this simple: Officially Impeach President Trump, and, or whoever you wish in the Executive Branch.

    Go ahead Socialists. Do it! Impeach them one by one. Have your hearings. Get nothing done. That is what you do anyway ... nothing.

Now that the Mueller Investigation is concluded: Are the Democratic Socialists in congress taking their "oversight" duties into: President Trump's business affairs before he was president; his family's business and personal affairs now and in the past; and anyone connected to the President, at any time in the recent decade, to an excessive level?
  No, not excessive: Democratic Socialists must have full reign to de-legitimatize this President, and destroy his family and friends to the benefit of all that might suffer from TDS.
  Yes, too excessive: Democratic Socialists would be better served and more respected to accomplish legislation to serve all Americans in these perilous times.
  I try not to pay attention.
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