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WTAS: Business Leaders Pledge to Create More Opportunities for Workers Across the Country president, donald trump, dnlds wht hs, business leaders, workers, opportunities, july 26, 2019
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WTAS: Business Leaders Pledge to Create More Opportunities for Workers Across the Country

Press Release:

    Air Conditioning Contractors of America President and CEO Barton James: "ACCA members across the country have pledged to hire and train 75,000 skilled workers in the next 5 years. ACCA members are building in-house training centers, launching school-to-career co-op programs, and investing in continuing education programs for their employees and students."

    Altec Chairman and CEO Lee Styslinger III: "Altec is committed to supporting the administration's workforce development initiatives. The nature of work in the U.S. is changing dramatically and it is critical that the public and private sectors work together to create opportunities for all Americans. It requires an innovative approach that includes the training of new workers, a reskilling of the current workforce and improved access to continuing education opportunities. In addition, apprenticeships, industry partnerships and on-the-job training will help to broaden worker skills. I commend the administration for their foresight in helping to create important initiatives that will generate job growth and help U.S. businesses meet the workforce challenges of the twenty-first century."

    Amazon Vice President of Worldwide People Operations Ardine Williams: "Today we are proud to sign the Pledge to America's Workers and announce our plans to upskill 50,000 U.S. employees through our range of innovative training programs. At Amazon, we want to ensure our employees have the opportunity to gain new skills and create more job options for themselves - whether at Amazon or elsewhere."

    American Crane & Equipment Corp. Executive Vice President Karen Norheim: "The most important thing at American Crane and Equipment Corp. is our people. We share the White House's commitment to our country's greatest national asset, the American workforce. We are proud to give our pledge to the advancement of our people and America's workers."

    Associated Equipment Distributors President and CEO Brian McGuire: "I'm honored to stand with President Trump on behalf of Associated Equipment Distributors and our members across the country to commit to train and educate 10,000 individuals to ensure they have the necessary skills to thrive in today's economy."

    Association of Union Constructors CEO Steve Lindauer: "Workforce development and apprenticeship training are the lifeblood of the union construction and maintenance industry. We understand that apprentices represent our collective future. If we don't recruit the best people, we will fail, plain and simple - and failure is not an option. That's why contractors and unions dedicate so much time and effort to our privately funded apprenticeship training programs."

    Avangrid CEO Jim Torgerson: "Growth, as a sustainable, customer focused company is fundamentally linked to the investment and development of our people and the sustainability of Avangrid's workforce."


    Boeing Vice President for National Strategy & Engagement Jennifer Lowe: "Boeing is proud to support initiatives that provide American workers with the kind of work based learning opportunities (including apprenticeships and internships), continuing education, on-the-job training and re-skilling. We recently committed to providing enhanced career opportunities for more than 100,000 current and future U.S. employees over the next five years. Also, the National Science Foundation and Boeing have a new $21 million public private partnership to accelerate training in critical skill areas and increase diversity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields."

    Casey Jackson Ford President Casey Jackson: "It is an honor to sponsor and promote the 'can do' spirit found in the heart of the American worker. For generations our nation has set the bar for quality and expert craftsmanship. The pride of our nation shines as bright as the northern star each time that proverbial stamp 'MADE IN AMERICA' beacons the global market. We here at Casey Jackson Ford and 413 Cabins, LLC dba Stone Canyon Cabins answer the call and stand proudly hand in hand with our President, Donald J Trump in making this unified pledge a reality. Further, it is the grit of the American worker who we support and promote in attaining the greatness that is lying within. To them we salute, they are the true heartbeat and soul of a proud nation, our beautiful America."

    C&C North America Inc. Executive Director Leocadia Barnes Sanchez: "Cosentino North America and its subsidiaries are committed to recruit, engage and develop workers in the USA. We truly foster internal mobility to promote and develop internal talent in an organized and structured manner. We take pride in providing opportunities for our internal employees to grow professionally and/or obtain new experience within the company."

    CompuGroup Medical, Inc. CEO Benedikt Brueckle: "We are going to provide our outmost efforts to train workers and students from all segments, to ensure all Americans can benefit from the nation's historic economic boom and record low employment rates."

    Concrete Supply Co. CEO Henry Batten: "Creating partnerships between business and State/Federal agencies will be critical for long-term technical capabilities training and skilled-based jobs."

    Consumer Technology Association President and CEO Gary Shapiro: "White House leadership has been strategic in recognizing disruptive innovation will transform our economy - and challenge our workforce. The Pledge to America's Workers will help build the 21st century information- and data-driven workforce we need to keep leading the world in innovation. So far, almost 60 of CTA's member companies have pledged over two million training and skilling opportunities to prepare today's workers for the jobs of tomorrow."

    EBNER Furnaces, Inc. Managing Director Herbert Gabriel: "EBNER Furnaces, Inc., a subsidiary of EBNER Austria was founded in 1987 and is pleased to continue investing in our workforce in terms of training education and employee engagement to further the goals of the EBNER Group Companies and to provide skilled manufacturing and customer support jobs in Northeast Ohio."


    FCA International CEO Anthony Darkangelo: "The FCA International, an international contractor trade association representing more than 7,000 employers engaged in industrial coating, painting & wallcovering, architectural glass & metal, drywall finishing, flooring and sign & display work, is the nationally-recognized voice of the finishing construction industry that employs over 100,000 employees annually impacting buildings and communities across the nation. FCA International and its affiliates are dedicated to enhancing the industry through continuing education, labor relations, safety codes, standards development and government relations; thereby, we strongly support the President's Workforce Pledge."

    Fintech President Tad Phelps: "We are proud of the economic growth we have seen over the last three years, and Fintech will pledge to do its part to ensure that we continue to create economic stability through job creation and training investments that support the development of human capital for the long-term."

    Fix & Fogg Co-Founder Roman Jewell: "Fix & Fogg recognizes the huge opportunity that the talented workforce of America offers our business. We pledge to invest in, grow and up-skill the American workforce with our US-based venture."

    Ford Vice President of Government Relations Curt Magleby: "At Ford, we are proud to invest in new training opportunities for American workers. Our pledge to train 55,000 hourly workers over the next five years will upskill our workforce and ensure we develop the most innovative and high-quality vehicles. Ford is proud to have more U.S. hourly workers and build more vehicles in the U.S. than any other automaker. Our workforce development pledge reinforces our commitment to American manufacturing."

    Four Star Freightliner Principal Dealer Jerry Kocan: "We are very excited to continue our commitment of identifying students, veterans and potential employees from other segments with the full intent of training and developing them for our business...We have many great opportunities for people to grow in this industry. Due to a high retention rate at each of our six dealership locations, combined with the investment in each employee, Four Star has experienced a consistent level of knowledge, expertise and support at each location. We feel that our business offers not only an opportunity to make a good living, but the chance to constantly grow and develop skills that lead to a long career."

    Gestamp North America CEO Jon Barrenechea: "Gestamp is proud to sign our commitment to further developing our workforce in the U.S. locations and impacting our nearly 4,000 associates in 10 production plants and 1 research and development center, throughout five states."

    Global Vision US LLC CEO Sorin Preda: "People in our organization, including myself, had the opportunity to change industries and career paths due to education from US schools and corporations. As a sign of gratitude, we've considered this pledge the proper channel to give back part of the gained benefits."


    Hill International Trucks President Mike Barber: "We are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent. In our industry, there is a shortage of skilled labor candidates. Through our personalized training plans, apprenticeship programs and relationships with local high schools and trade schools, we remain committed to enhancing career opportunities for individuals in our communities."

    Hunter Truck Executive Vice President Nancy Hunter Mycka: "The need for technical training in the US is escalating to a point of crisis. Many Technical and Vocational positions should to be elevated to a STEAM status in order to fund and promote these jobs to be high-paying and high-respect positions. All students are not meant for a 4 year college/university degree. There are re-skilling opportunities for those in lower income brackets to improve their income. In most cases, a Technically or Vocationally trained American, after four years of 'real-world' experience, far exceeds the income of a college graduate entering the workforce. This needs to be a priority for this Administration and future Administrations."

    Hyundai Motor America President and CEO Josť MuŮoz: "Hyundai has been a proud partner in the American dream for more than thirty years, investing in American communities and workers through robust continuing education opportunities, apprenticeships, and learning programs. The partnerships Hyundai has built around the country not only nurture talent in the next generation of American workers but also demonstrate Hyundai's long-term continuing commitment to the prosperity of the American workforce."

    InterContinental Hotels Group CEO of Americas Elie Maalouf: "At IHG, the heart of our operations is led by the people who provide an exceptional standard of hospitality for our guests each and every day. We have a long track record of investing in frontline hotel colleagues by providing training, skills and resources, which collectively also help promote upward mobility and opportunity...Building on those efforts, IHG is committed to delivering a major workforce learning initiative that will provide 250,000 enhanced career opportunities to hotel colleagues through access to hospitality and operations training over the next five years."

    International Franchise Association President and CEO Robert Cresanti: "This pledge highlights the franchise sector's commitment to hiring, training, and upskilling American workers. America's locally-owned franchise businesses are one of our country's largest job-training programs - millions of Americans learned the foundational skills for successful careers in franchise businesses of all types. Thanks to the Trump administration's commitment to improve the lives of all working Americans by increasing pay and reducing burdensome regulations, with this commitment, IFA through our member companies will work to enhance career opportunities for 250,000 American workers."

    IPC President and CEO John Mitchell: "On behalf of IPC, I applaud and thank President Trump for his focus on catalyzing government and business leaders to implement ambitious, new initiatives designed to promote the development of a skilled workforce. To support the workforce needs of the U.S. electronics industry, IPC pledges that it will provide more than one million workforce and training opportunities to the American worker over the next five years."

    Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning Vice President & General Manager Eric Knaak: "Workforce development is a priority for Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning and we are proud to work with President Trump to promote careers in the skilled trades. Our industry-leading training center is creating careers for men and women and will train at least 1,500 skilled workers over the next five years. The Trump Administration's focus on the skilled trades is helping our business bring more people into this rewarding industry."

    JSW USA Steel CEO John Hritz: "With our Pledge to America's Workers to invest $1 billion and hire 500 newly trained employees, JSW USA is rebuilding the domestic steel industry. Because of the support from our parent company and the President's policies to reinvigorate the US steel industry, we are proud to call ourselves an American melt and manufacture steel company."

    Jubilant Pharma Ltd. CEO Pramod Yadav: "Jubilant is committed to delivering high quality pharmaceutical products and services to American consumers and to nurture innovation by continuously investing in its human capital. We are proud to be associated with this initiative of US Government."


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