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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the US Constitution. I focused on the content of the Constitution. Constitution, Constitutional, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, ObamaCare, bill of rights
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More Comments About the Constitution

    A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the US Constitution. I focused on the content of the Constitution. What the Constitution does not say is is just as important. Mostly during the past 100 years the so the radical "progressive movement" has worked hard to convince us that the Constitution is antiquated and of little use. The Constitution is just as useful and pertinent to day as it was the first day it was written.

    There have been too many elected officials who were ignorant about, uninformed about or who had never read the Constitution. If they did they did not understand it. Otherwise, we would not have the millions of pages of law that have been produced by Congress.

    I continue to advocate that this simply written document is not difficult to understand. Everyone should read it at least three times. If you do, you will be among the most informed one percent of citizens of the United States. Do your own thinking about the Constitution. Don't fall into the trap that some super intellectual is needed to tell you what it means. It was written by educated men for the use of the common man.

    One of the hurdles to overcome is the few short pages of the document compared to the millions of pages of law that is supposedly based on the Constitution. It makes it easier to understand if you realize most of that law is not based on the Constitution, it is un Constitutional. The test of this is to find the thread or reference in the Constitution that leads you to the law. One example of stretching the meaning of the Constitution is in the supreme court's interpretation of the "commerce clause". This enables federal laws to apply inside each state to anything that crosses a state line.

    A lot of our vast government and tax system exists because of soft supreme court decisions. Take the un qualified to practice law present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, a Bush appointee. He was the swing vote that allows us to have Obama Care. ObamaCare has destroyed our capitalism based medical system and raised costs for every person in the United states. Radicals on the Supreme Court and uninformed and ignorant members of Congress are the major cause of Constitutional defects.

    I cannot find a link from the constitution to any federal subsidy programs, welfare programs, recall programs, housing programs, medical programs, etc. The Constitution should have been amended to permit these social programs it that is what we wanted.

    I conclude that what the Constitution does not say may be as important, today, as what it does say.

    Read the Constitution. It will bring you a lot of peace of mind while you find your way through the forest of misinformation propagated by the left. Bear in mind the 52 word preamble is the most important part. The rest lays out the mechanical rules for our government with the exception of the ten amendments in the bill of rights.


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