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There once was a country that lived in a shoe. Sarah Homes, Janet Clarke
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A Nursery Rhyme of "Hope and Change"

    Publisher's note: This poem, by Janet Clarke of Hyde County, was given to me yesterday by Sarah Homes, 2nd Judicial District candidate. Janet is her friend.

    I thought well enough of the poem that it must be published here in BCN as soon as possible.

Untitled (A Nursery Rhyme of "Hope and Change")

       by Janet Clarke

There once was a country

That lived in a shoe.

Had so many illegal immigrants

It didn't know what to do.

Let's clothe them and feed them.

And get them a bed.

Yea, that's the answer

The democrats said.

Well how do we do that?

Who's going to pay?

Let the middle class do it.

They work everyday.

Their kids don't need clothing

or money for schools.

Lord in Heaven- when

Did Democrats

All turn to fools?


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