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Why should the United States continue to subsidize the National Security of the European Union? Their economy is as big as ours. European Union, US protected Europe, Soviet Union, Russia
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Hey European Union, why should we?

    Why should the United States continue to subsidize the National Security of the European Union? Their economy is as big as ours. The United States has done more to build their economic powerhouse than any other actor on the planet. The US protected Europe from the Soviet Union for five decades and for the last twenty-five years, against Russia. We financed their war recovery with the Marshall Plan. They rip us off on trade with their tariffs and barriers to their markets. They are hostile to products made by the American People. Yet, somehow our President is hostile, or Putin's puppet or anti-democratic for wanting to put a stop to this unbalanced relationship. Here are three reasons why President Trump is absolutely right concerning our foreign policy with the European Union.

    First, they are socialists. Indeed. We hear constantly from the Never Trumpers in the Republican party that socialism is bad. OK, it's bad. So why are you all over Trump for trying to stop subsidizing the EU socialism. They pay for universal healthcare, free education through university, heavily subsidized public transportation that includes auto, rail, plane and ferry, 4-6 weeks paid vacation from day one on the job, less than forty hour work weeks, mandatory paid maturity, a check from the government for every child born, regardless of family income. The list goes on and on. You know what they don't pay for? Their national defense.

    Secondly, they are rich. Some model show their economy is larger than the United States. They are more than capable of paying for their own national defenses. The only problem is they would have to give up some of the socialist perks. It must be nice to know the US military is there to protect you from the bad guys while you work on their posts and get paid better and have better benefits that the US civilians and military we pay to be there. While we are spending billions on missile defense to protect them, they are building new high speed rail and modern infrastructure for their industry and work force.

    Finally, they apparently think we owe them something. I am not sure why they believe we should continue to allow the unbalanced trade to continue. It's unclear what explains their assumptions that we should continue to subsidize their national defense. Maybe, because they are socialists, we should understand they need all those nifty benefits while the American student leaves college with massive debt and few job prospects. Maybe, they are right. Perhaps, we should just be thankful to them for liberating us from fascism and communism....oh wait.

    It's clear that President Trump is doing the right thing in confronting our European allies. They have long since recovered from WWII and are very rich indeed. It is time they start paying their bills and protect the front line. It is time for us to finally bring our boys home with the expectations that our rich allies can stand up for themselves. If worse comes to worse, we will come bail them out again. I for one, believe the European Union is more than capable of defending itself from the Russians. But, why should they?


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