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President Donald J. Trump Prioritizes Efficiency In The Federal Government

Press Release:

    "We're going to run government smoothly, efficiently, and on behalf of the very hardworking taxpayers."  -  President Donald J. Trump

    DRIVING EFFICIENCY AND COST SAVINGS: Today, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order directing Federal agencies to manage their buildings, vehicles, and overall operations to optimize energy and environmental performance, reduce waste, and cut costs.

         •  Today, the President signed the Executive Order on Efficient Federal Operations.

              •  This Executive Order will drive continued action and focus on increasing efficiency of Federal buildings and vehicles, improving environmental performance, and accomplishing these goals in a manner that reduces costs.

         •  The Federal Government manages more than 350,000 buildings and 600,000 vehicles and is the largest consumer of energy in the Nation.

              •  Last year, Federal agencies spent more than $6 billion on energy for buildings and $635 million on water.

    STREAMLINING REQUIREMENTS: The President has directed the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to streamline the broad and intricate range of energy and environmental requirements, and the complex directives on how to achieve them.

         •  The Administration is streamlining directives and refocusing agencies on cost-effectively meeting mandates and goals established by statute.

              •  The Executive Order consolidates requirements relating to energy and water efficiency, high performance buildings, renewable energy consumption, purchasing, and other aspects of managing Federal facilities, vehicle fleets, and operations.

              •  It emphasizes meeting statutory requirements, and gives greater flexibility and discretion to agencies to decide how to best improve operations and meet goals.

              •  It also encourages agencies, where appropriate, to use performance contracting to modernize buildings and achieve energy and water goals at no upfront cost to the Government.

         •  The Administration is also taking actions to facilitate and simplify agency compliance.

              •  CEQ and OMB will work jointly to develop any guidance necessary to help agencies modify, replace, or rescind existing complex directives to increase government efficiency in compliance with the Executive Order.

    ENSURING RESULTS THROUGH ACCOUNTABILITY: The Administration believes that efficient and effective management requires accountability.

         •  Agencies will track and report performance toward complying with the Executive Order, which will be included in annual agency scorecards issued by OMB.

         •  CEQ will launch a single website to provide updated guidance, resources, and progress on statutory and Executive Order goals.


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