TMc: Conversation with a Retired Police Captain | Beaufort County Now | I called my Lunch & Shoot Retired Police buddy and asked him how to quickly secure a school. | Israel, Mass School Shootings, fire drill

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TMc: Conversation with a Retired Police Captain

    I called my Lunch & Shoot Retired Police buddy and asked him how to quickly secure a school. We did not discuss Israel but I like the fact of no Mass School Shootings since 1974.

    To safe up an existing school will require electronic locks on all outside doors and metal detectors at the assigned entrances. Now, change the alarm system for three tones-active shooter, fire; weather. The kids need to know an active shooting is a not a fire drill. Last but not least, more than one armed Officer (not teachers) on site to the school to kill the shooter.

    Conclusion: I think he knows the subject. To summarize: electronic locks, metal detectors, 3 tone alarm systems, and more than one armed security guard with no other duties.


( June 9th, 2018 @ 10:03 am )
The problem with this one approach is that you can not afford to hire all those Resource Officers - in many cases two or more per school - plus, they can not be everywhere all the time.

The better idea is armed teachers who are trained and want the responsibility, and no one knows who those teachers are, or what fire power they have stashed away.
( May 20th, 2018 @ 9:56 am )
Copy Success. Put the local Police Department in charge of school safety. Police do not want to be babysitters and Teachers do not want to be bodyguards.

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