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What Will the Fake News Do Now?

Core Democrats and the Fake News have pushed this Russia /Collusion /Trump Treason narrative for nearly 18 months without fail. They will own its outcome as this investigation winds up, and the real investigations begin.

    What will the Fake News do for ratings now that the House Intelligence Committee is wrapping up its investigation into Trump /Russia Collusion and finding none?

    The Senate Intelligence Committee still has not finished, nor has the Mueller Special Council, but, now that the House is finished, and barring anything unforeseen, the Senate will finish soon with the same probable conclusion; putting even more pressure on Mueller to have bonafide conclusions to indict for real cause, or be forever stained as a prosecutor ... forever. Of course, Mueller can always exonerate our president, and take another impartial ... human look at General Mike Flynn.

    We will be watching.

    The Fake News will not care about the truth in this matter, because their Liberal /Socialist masters will task their ambitions otherwise; however nefarious and stupid that they certainly are. Of course, they is the Fake News. You don't get to be The Fake News easily in this nation, but, they won that designation, justly so, they are who they wished to be.

    They earned it.


( March 13th, 2018 @ 2:22 pm )
Hey Bobby Tony. The newest server that BCN sits on has 6 terabytes of storage, and is very fast at processing data.

Beautiful analogy about the essence of control; who controls what. For Trump it is about branding as well, hence the Fake News. Man, did that ever stick.
( March 13th, 2018 @ 11:42 am )
There's an old expression, called Greener's Law: "Never argue with a man that buys ink by the barrel."

That all began to change with spread of personal computers. We now have the modern equivalent of barrels of ink residing in small silicon chips of sand available to all.

The power of ink
Started to sink
When words took flight
On screens of light. (unknown)

No one likes to relinquish power and the "media" is merely experiencing the transition that occurred with the replacement of the old horse and buggy, mule and plow, the monk and quill, the Guttenberg press and now the keyboard and world wide web.

Fake news has been around since two cave men tried to explain to their wives where they had been for so long. All that has changed is the method of transmission. I agree that President Trump has upped the ante with his Tweaks in 280 characters or less. He even found out how to use the ... to make two Tweaks seem like one.

Liberals like CONTROL! It makes no difference if it is WORDS OR GUNS it is all about CONTROL.
( March 13th, 2018 @ 9:37 am )
Recently on that other posting board, these comments of mine were met with the faux argument that deriding the "Free Press" is destructive to the 1st Amendment, to which I countered these comments:

1) No, it has been moving toward Fake News for decades. It just came full circle when Trump was elected; he just successfully branded them.

2) It is overwhelming how bad they are. I am shocked when they report anything that is news worthy.

Their infatuation with taking down this President is so manic, it reminds me just how diligently they covered for Hussein: Solyndra, Benghazi Cover-up, Uranium One, IRS political Targeting Scandal, ObamaCare, FISA Abuse for Political Targeting ... we could go on and on.

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