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We all want to live in a pristine world with clean air and clear oceans and waterways. pristine world, Meredith Deatherage Loughlin, Beaufort County, Arts of the Pamlico and Eagles Wings Food Pantry
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Beaufort County Exposed to the Food Insecurity Project

A Pristine World is Possible with Education

    We all want to live in a pristine world with clean air and clear oceans and waterways. We have heard of the many ways we can take personal responsibility toward this effort. I can't imagine that there would be anyone who would want to litter upon this beautiful green and blue planet, however, sadly, there are still those that wish to turn a blind eye to this ongoing problem of waste and pollution.

    Then there are those that take this practice to heart and work to spread the word to anyone who will listen and in turn will join in the effort to make their small piece of this planet a better place to leave the next generation. If only this effort would catch on and become contagious. Just adopting some of these practices can become a new and rewarding way of life. Meredith Deatherage Loughlin is a new voice here in Beaufort County that has tirelessly worked with conviction to get this message across.
Meredith Deatherage Loughlin standing for a pristine world: Above.    Click image to expand.

    In Beaufort County, people became aware of the food insecurity issue that is encompassed by a large population, and the fact that what food is provided to these hungry children is delivered in wasteful packaging and maybe not the most nutritious meal that it could be. Partnered with the Pamlico Arts to create an exhibit of the problem and some solutions, Meredith was able to display a detailed exhibit while making it possible for the Arts council to obtain a grant.
Sustainable Food Project: Above.     Click image to expand.

    From the Arts of The Pamlico's promotional materials:

    The Bright Minds art exhibit is sponsored by the NC GlaxoSmithKline Foundation (Foundation). The Bright Minds project funded by the Foundation is a collaboration of the Arts of the Pamlico and Eagles Wings Food Pantry.

    The art exhibit seeks to increase awareness and strategies for addressing hunger and food insecurity in Beaufort County where 1 in 4 children are hungry. The exhibit coordinated by Meredith Loughlin features art work that will share the need, illuminate strategies and inspire action. Thought provoking art work by Meredith Loughlin & vibrant acrylics of food by John Groessor will be on display and be for sale during the two week exhibit.
Sustainable Food art exhibit: Above.     Click image to expand.

    The exhibit opens for to the public on February 13 with a reception at 5:30 PM. The exhibit then travel to Pirate Hall in the Old Bath High School in Bath and then onto to Kaye Lee's Corner in Belhaven for until April 8.

    Some of my work currently on display: Examining the sustainability of our choices in addressing hunger in Beaufort County. On the left are three local newspaper articles about feeding the hungry, and pictured in each article, are these polystyrene food boxes and plastic utensils. The ones on display in the 'collage' were fished out of the trash from the summer feeding the children program. This summer feeding the children program estimated to feed 60,000 meals over the summer; That's 60,000 polystyrene boxes and plastic utensils! And that's just one program. The other programs are year-round. How do these choices add up? I watched box after box (of barely eaten food) tossed into the trash can (along with the utensils). Who makes these decisions? We can do better. The Bright Minds exhibit will be up at The Arts of the Pamlico through the end of the month. It's food for thought... ??

    Contact: Meredith Loughlin  •  (252) 947-2553

       209 Camelia Dr.
       Washington, NC 27889


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