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What a big week in news, and what a bad week for the core Democrat Resistance Movement, and their representatives in the Democrat Caucuses and in "hallowed halls" of the Fake News. Fake News, Democrat Caucuses, TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Hussein Obama, AG Sessions, U.S. Constitution - Supremacy Clause, filibuster
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This Week, March 3rd through 10th, in Real News ... in a Rant

A Few Observations of What is Very Real ... or Should Be.

    What a big week in news, and what a bad week for the core Democrat Resistance Movement, and their representatives in the Democrat Caucuses and in "hallowed halls" of the Fake News.

    To loath all things Trump, and those that put him in office, has been the foundation of the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) Resistance Movement. The President's economy and foreign affairs successes notwithstanding, there was large news this week that the corruptible DOJ /FBI, which was ruined under the corrupt Obama administration, may get straightened out a bit, with the beneficiaries of their new found virtues being Lying Hillary Clinton, her "charitable" foundation, and many members of the Hussein Obama administration, possibly Hussein himself.

    Quietly, behind the scenes, a beleaguered AG Sessions found a big backbone. The Rule of Law may return to the DOJ /FBI after all.

    AG Sessions is also suing California for their government's aversion to being real Americans, and following United States laws and the the U.S. Constitution - Supremacy Clause. It was a good week for patriots, bad week for the Resistance Movement.

    And speaking of the TDS Resistance Movement, I mention the Movement again in the context of Senate Democrats' huge success in not approving President Trump's appointed nominees for positions within his administration. It has been 413 days, and the Democrat Senators that stand with the TDS Resistance Movement are keeping our government from functioning properly; for instance, the United States does not have a Senate approved ambassador to South Korea at this critical juncture.

    Now, it is very clear that the Hussein Obama administration did nothing substantive in regards to foreign affairs regarding the Korean Peninsula, but, the great irony of the core of the TDS Resistance Movement is to delay, obstruct, and obfuscate any directive this President seeks to accomplish to rebuild America / protect America, but, rather to the benefit of supporting Hussein's crumbling legacy, and their obvious disgust that known "Deplorables" elected Trump instead of the utterly corrupt L. Hillary Clinton.

    The general election of 2018 will be most pivotal for moving forward and rebuilding America - "to make it great again" - by the reality that 10 Democrat held senate seats must be defended in states that Donald J. Trump won. If the TDS Resistance Movement is not successful in this election, the senate could swing far more in the direction of Conservatives, and the obvious upside, these appointees to strategic positions in the Trump administration will be approved one the Senate Democrats can no longer threaten filibuster (Senate rules need only 40 senators to effect a filibuster).

    We shall see how American voters truly feel about the core Democrats concerted plan to delay, obstruct, and obfuscate all issues pertinent to re-building America, saving the Republic.

Considering that ancillary investigations orbiting the Mueller investigation into possible Russia collusion by the Trump campaign (still unfounded), now discovering founded improprieties and probable corruption by many Democrats their sworn bureaucrats, and now stretching back over 9 years: Should a second Independent Prosecutor be appointed to fully discover, indict and convict those corrupt?
  No, it is a diversion from convicting President Trump.
  Yes, America needs to return to its lost status as a Nation of Laws, dictated by the Rule of Law.
  I have not yet received proper direction from late night talk show hosts.
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( March 12th, 2018 @ 4:26 pm )
The AR-15 is not for hunting. No one owns an AR-15 to hunt. These firearms are owned for protection and defense.

Ranting further: 3) I do not own an AR-15, but, I aim to. As long as America's enemies own AR-15's or an equivalent, law abiding citizens will own them too. This is the intent of the 2nd Amendment.

Many liberals will offer, in retort, that they know those that they definitely do not want to have an AR-15, and there in lies the rub and becomes and there in lies the problem. One person, or a group of people subjectively determining another's 2nd Amendment rights.
( March 12th, 2018 @ 10:33 am )
Ranting further: 2) It is most probably impossible to run government like a business, but God bless this President for trying. Who knows, he blunder into success like he has so much so far.
( March 12th, 2018 @ 9:55 am )
Ranting further: 1) On those that name the USA a Democracy - We are either a Democratic Republic, a Representative Democracy, or just a Republic. Leaving words off the stress that we are a democracy just won't work as a descriptor.

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