TMc: Entertain Me | Beaufort County Now | I watched 5 minutes of the Grammy Awards until $60 Million Dollar Chappelle had something to say about endangered Afro-Americans during some kind of dancing hoodie routine. | Grammy Awards, Chappelle, CSA statue, Click Bait, Clinton Cash

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TMc: Entertain Me

    I watched 5 minutes of the Grammy Awards until $60 Million Dollar Chappelle had something to say about endangered Afro-Americans during some kind of dancing hoodie routine. I went to the Laptop to discover the meaning of the white rose competition.

    Metro recently paid $90,000 for one LGBT crosswalk and activist did $200,000 damage to a CSA statue. Black dresses on million dollar actresses and kneeling millionaire football players...both need my focus.

    I study Click Bait and take note of anything that grabs my attention. Long rants about drunk drivers or books about Clinton Cash require too much concentration. Hit me with a quick visual and move on. But recently, I am tortured with an overload of problems needing my immediate attention.

    Conclusion: Activists need to organize to give me one problem per week or I will get confused. The Lord created time so everything does not happen at once.

    Advertisers, activists, sjw, and politicians have discovered Click Bait and the Wow Factor is gone. Let me beg all to entertain me and inform me. But, do that in 30 seconds. Also, stop with the SJW, WOKE, etc. Spell it out so I do not need the laptop definitions.


( January 31st, 2018 @ 9:28 am )
I don't if there is any issue that TMc has brought up that I agree with him as totally as this one.

I know politics /governing and I know music, and from a vantage of knowledge, I strongly feel that these Grammy people know nearly nothing of one issue, and they should practice real hard to get much better on the other.

Otherwise, my ears closed to them.
( January 31st, 2018 @ 5:47 am )
This is one of your best articles on Click Bait. I too had to resort to the laptop to study White Rose Competition, SJW and WOKE. Thanks to my highly attuned knowledge base I already knew about LGBT and CSA.

I must admit though that the crosswalk thing gave me a bit of a problem. I was late to happy hour because I could not decide which color lane I should walk in to get to the bar.

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