Democrat Media's Weird Week, it's Weirdest Moments Exposed | Beaufort County Now | I generally don't have time to report immediately on issues unless I am covering government meetings, where I do report pithy highlights almost immediately. This week was busy, so fortunately, I now have the time to offer my take on the biggest faux news from the Democrat Media. | Mainstream Media, Democrat Media, Fake News, President Trump, Chuck Todd, obstruction of justice

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Democrat Media's Weird Week, it's Weirdest Moments Exposed

The larger view is very simply: There is ample reason that the Mainstream Media /Democrat Media has been successfully branded as the "Fake News".

    I generally don't have time to report immediately on issues unless I am covering government meetings, where I do report pithy highlights almost immediately. This week was busy, so fortunately, I now have the time to offer my take on the biggest faux news from the Democrat Media - Anonymous sources claim that President Trump 'seriously considered' firing Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

    To that end, the Democrat Media or the Fake News, if you consider that a more accurate assessment of their journalistic principles and abilities, has had yet another unprincipled conniption fit last week by accusing President Trump of 'obvious Obstruction of Justice' for considering the firing of Mueller around 7 months ago.

    Balance this Democrat Media hysteria, spoken in perfect core Democrat hyperbole, against: 1) the opinion of many scholars that the President has the right, through the proper channels, to fire prosecutor Mueller for cause; 2) the fact that the President may have considered his constitutional prerogative, but did not act ... 7 months ago?; the truth that this non news story was built on, yet again, anonymous sources - as if it even matters - all points to just one conclusion: 'The "Fake News" doth protest too much'.

    As I mentioned earlier, I am a busy guy, and if I partake in current events on the television, it generally will not be the many Democrat Media channels, vying for my attention, for a variety of reasons; lack of veracity, the low knowledge level of their core Democrat pundits /commentators; however, since the "Fake News" often becomes the news, I purposely tuned to the Chuck Todd show on NBC, thinking that this would be more reasonable than the incessantly true Fake News channels of MSNBC and CNN. Chuck's show attempts to employ the veil of serious journalism to mask his true propagandist intent, but that veil has worn mighty thin at this point.

    The Chuck Todd show, they call it "Meet the Press", is a well spoken show to express Democrat positions on issues that most core Democrats care about. The first segment showcased so-called moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV), who is up for re-election in 2018, and has slowly been breaking with the strong Democrat"ic" ranks of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, whose proven governing purpose is to resist all things Trump.

    At one point, as core Democrat "Journalist" Todd pushed Senator Manchin to express how he would vote if President Trump did this, or if the President gave Minority Leader Schumer too much trouble: How would he react by his senatorial votes? Democrat Senator Manchin properly responded: 'I was sent to congress to represent the people of West Virginia, and all that (Democrat conjecture, yours included Chuck Todd) is just "New York Talk"'.

    It was most visible that core Democrat Chuck Todd took great umbrage with Senator Manchin, and to work off his Democrat journalist frustration, or to rally the Democrat base, he brought Senator Manchin's comments up again in the next segment, where the round table pundit discussion topic of President Trump's reported frustration with the Mueller investigation was obvious "Obstruction of Justice"; asking his next guests what they thought of the West Virginia Democrat Senator's weakened Democratism. What does Joe Manchin's representation duties to West Virginia constituents have to do with the next topic - Trump bashing?

    Of course, I could be wrong here: Maybe if all issues on this "Face the Nation" are core Democrat issues, then Trump bashing is the commonality thread, then maybe there was some Democrat"ic" continuity there. Still, the succeeding core Democrat conversation passing as a credible intellectual concept severely strained all credulity, even though it did serve to assuage Liberal /Socialist continued motivations. Besides Chuck Todd, also part of the conversation was Tom Brokaw, retired NBC, Rich Lowry, National Review (Never Trump publication), and a Black Woman Democrat"ic" Strategist, who will remain nameless, simply because I do not know her name, and firmly see no real reason to learn it (once again, my time is precious).

    It you have seen this Chuck Todd program "Meet the Press", let me set the stage here: It is a show built on sustaining the atmosphere where core Democrats, hopefully, will not be offended by any original thought, or ideas and opinions that could be construed as outside of their new age Liberal /Socialist perspective. Should opinion to the contrary be introduced, that diversion from strict core Democrat orthodoxy must be presented in a supplicant format.

    In next few minutes that I spent with this version of the Democrat Media, I surmised all of this, and, correctly, see no reason to change that opinion. Consider this: After the rehash of Senator Manchin's "That's New York Talk" moment, core Democrat Todd led the group's discussion of how /why President Trump will be destroyed; with the Black Woman Democrat Strategist repeating core Democrat talking points leading as proper propagandistic theory. Her analogy was not only that Trump was horrible in every manner, but core Republicans were wrongly codependent in any success the President would have in his continuance; the continued future of the United States be damned.

    In summary, this Democrat Strategist had professionally staked her intractable position on her unknowable facts that Republicans did not care about Russia as an adversary, and only wished to distract the Republic's need to rid us of all things Trump, irrespective of how many laws that core Democrats might need to break to make this all work to their inexhaustible benefit. This grand hypocrisy so well manifested here is that core Democrats don't really care about Russia as an adversary, or that they might have any influence in our 2016 election: It is simply that core Democrats desperately need an excuse for losing a unlosable election, and fabricating a story that acerbic Candidate Donald J. Trump "colluded" with the Russians to win an American election. Candidate Trump, now President Trump is the perfect foil for their failure to properly inspire enough Liberals and Socialists to push a terribly flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton, into the White House.

    The Black Woman Hypocrite Democrat Strategist notwithstanding, Never Trumper Rich Lowry and Old Democrat Journalist (back before the Mainstream Media totally sold out all precept of any principles) Tom Brokaw both diplomatically talked the show's Democrat Media warriors - Chuck Todd and the Democrat Strategist - off the core Democrat ledge of complete idiocy by these rare moments of relatable wisdom:

    Rich Lowry - 'I don't think you can Impeach a president for having perceived (by Democrats) impure thoughts, not without breaking any laws'.

    Tom Brokaw - 'I think it would be wise to let this investigation run its course, collect any and all information to either impugn or exonerate this President, without relentlessly picking him apart everyday in the media' in the meanwhile.

    These few words contrary to the mainstream motive of core Democrats, who may watch this Chuck Todd show may have fallen on deaf ears; however, the truth will remain: Wanting something so badly to happen will not translate into it happening if it makes no real sense. That is where we are right now, the political stage created by, and brought to core Democrats, those who only consume only the Democrat Media /the Fake News: Not having a real grasp of what has transpired in recent America, and not having any real time concept of what is happening now, will not empower core Democrats to continue to lead this Republic astray as they have done so completely in recent times past. Those days are done, at least for now, non stories and the Fake News notwithstanding.

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