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Impeachment Shouldn’t be a Tool for Politicking

    Publisher's note: BCN welcomes Contributor Austin Goss, who, along with BCN Contributor Ryan Case, publishes a growing journal, The Liberty Fix, already steeped in information of a growing wisdom.

BCN Contributor Austin Gross
    This week, California's Democrat Representative, Brad Sherman, introduced the coveted Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.

    This all comes in the midst of what has been perhaps Trump's most tumultuous week in the White House, with his son Donald Trump Jr., being in hot water after it was revealed that he had been in contact with Russian affiliates to the Kremlin, in regards to dirt on then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, with the potential to damage her during the last election cycle. The alleged story thus far is that Trump Jr. meant with a Russian attorney associated in some way with the Russian government, under the guise that the meeting would provide the then Trump campaign with information valuable to them. However, the story has been under constant change since it initially broke.

    While certainly unfortunate and not the best move for Trump Jr., or a good look for the Trump's White House wholesale, the movement to impeach President Trump is all but unwarranted.

    Trump is a man of many, many gaffs, no one would dispute that. His son did something that should elicit a negative reaction from both the left and the right. However, if we allow petty politics to infiltrate the high crime of impeachment, then we have surrender one of the last things that stands between a tyrannical president and ultimate power.

    Imagine, if you will, that each time there was a President, the opposing party in Congress filed for his impeachment. As time passes, the Articles of Impeachment, which have served as anvil for justice against President's in the past, even when not technically filed, would become nothing more than an insult, and a motivational force to the President to which it was filed against.

    After so many filings of impeachment and likely several failed attempt at it later, what are the American people to do when faced down the road with an actually criminal President? After years of our elected officials calling "wolf," would the American people be keen to believe that there is actually a "wolf"?

    Representative Sherman's overcommitment to the radically liberal, reactionary base of the coastal region of California has led him to put us on an extremely slippery slope. Luckily, his efforts have only garnered one signature thus far, Representative Al Green (D-Texas). In order for the impeachment effort to even go anywhere, a majority of the members of Congress would have to sign off, a less than likely possibility given the Republican majority in the House.

    Government officials should keep each other in check. I for one, certainly hope that the people you and I elected to Congress will oppose President Trump, or whoever is the President is, when it is necessary. As a conservative, I can pick many things out of the Trump agenda that I hope my representatives will speak out against. If something, that is actually collusion, comes of this neverending Russia investigation, and Donald Trump had Vladmir Putin on speed dial throughout the last election, or Putin all but pulled the lever for Trump, then by all means, let's begin the impeachment process against him. However, until that happens, let's save the high charge of impeachment for the President who may one day warrant it.

In regards to the Russia Election Tampering matter: Is President Trump being treated fairly by core Democrats and the Mainstream Media?
  Yes, the new president is guilty until proven innocent.
  No, President Trump's treatment is dictated by the usual Democrat double standard.
  Don't care; there are more important issues facing America.
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Is the concerted Democrat plan to obfusticate the purpose of government by the unprecedented delaying of President Trump's appointments, while galvanizing with the organized protesters' directive to obstruct the process of governing, at the federal level, working for the Democrat brand?
  Yes, Democrats will finally create a Socialist Progressive utopia if they remain banded together.
  No, the nation is in dire straits, on so many levels, and needs immediate repair.
  I'm busy with my important life, such as it is, and don't care.
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( July 19th, 2017 @ 1:31 am )
The other night, I watched Liberal /Socialist/ Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman, from California, on Tucker, who just entered Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, say: "People are not stupid," which is a lie - Calif. Rep. Brad Sherman, himself, is verifiably stupid. That is without question.

One need only to have watched this ignorant non patriot participate on the Select Benghazi Committee to know how right I am.

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