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Allison Krause is one of the most talented performers of our time. It's time for Allison, and a host of assorted talented musicians, such as Yo-Yo Ma to take their turn in our Yuletide section. Allison Krause, Christmas seasonal songs, Yo-Yo Ma, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, chrstms
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An Alison Krause Christmas

   Allison Krause is one of the most talented performers of our time. It's time for her to have her turn in our Yuletide section.

   For many, who really know me, you know that I love good music, and will not tolerate the bad that tends to prevail among those who only listen to what is popular - i.e. pop music - which drives what is promoted in the music business. Long I have asked, who will be the next Eric Clapton, the new Jimi Hendrix, the next Duane Allman, the new Stevie Ray Vaughn? For many decades, there has been no one, until of recent ... Allison Krause and Union Station (with an emphasis on Union Station).


   On these two Christmas carols, we have Allison and Yo-Yo Ma, who is, arguably, one of the great cellist that has ever lived. Please enjoy.

Allison Krause and Yo-Yo Ma perform Wexford Carol: Below.

Allison Krause, Yo-Yo Ma and Marc Conner, and Edgar Meyer perform "Slumber My Darling": Below.

    Publisher's note: If you are really in the Christmas spirit, or just in the need for more, please click here to access all of the holiday spirit in melody and narrative that BCN can harness and offer for this Yuletide Season.


( December 5th, 2019 @ 8:48 am )
This blend of her beautiful voice with Yo-Yo Ma and his cello along with some other unique instruments that build toward the end is captivating! My new favorite. Hey that's a song too.

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