Women for Trump Announces Leadership Team | Beaufort County Now | The North Carolina headquarters of Women for Trump today announced the leadership team that will guide the coalition through the upcoming November elections.

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Press Release:

    The North Carolina headquarters of Women for Trump today announced the leadership team that will guide the coalition through the upcoming November elections. "We are very excited to have some of the top women leaders in North Carolina help manage the outreach to voters in our state," said Bethany Hudson, State Director of Coalitions for the Trump campaign in North Carolina. She added, "it is an honor to have so many distinguished members of our state pitch in to help us elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and to help us achieve the goal of making America great again."

    The Honorary Chair of the coalition, Lara Trump, is the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump and a North Carolina native. Joining her are the co-chairs, Commissioner Cherie Berry, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, Susan Tillis, and Alice Forest. The goal of Women for Trump is to recruit and mobilize women from North Carolina to support and vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

    Also spearheading the voter drive are the vice-chairs, GOP Chairwoman Michele Nix, Senator Kathy Harrington, Representative Julia Howard, Representative Pat Hurley, Representative Linda Johnson, Representative Pat McElraft, Representative Michele Presnell, Representative Sarah Stevens, Representative Rena Turner, and Senator Trudy Wade.

    The Women for Trump coalition plans to host a number of rallies in the coming weeks, along with voter outreach, field operations, and campaign events across the state. To join the Women for Trump coalition, click here.

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