Hillary Clinton is in North Carolina Challenging Democrats to Revisit Their Three Billion Dollar Budget Deficit | Eastern North Carolina Now

Standing behind the podium at a campaign stop in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton promised to 'return North Carolina back to the days of Democrat Control, after this recent detour, when North Carolina suffered its first deficit budget - a three billion dollar deficit.

Hillary makes a campaign stop in North Carolina to cajole and lie to vapid Liberals /Socialists about all matters Liberal, as they cheer and chant wildly.

    She also promises to drive the United States treasury deeper into debt.

    Standing behind the podium at a staged campaign stop in Raleigh, North Carolina, June 22, 2016, Hillary B. Clinton promised to 'return North Carolina back to the days of Democrat Control, after this recent detour (McCrory administration and Republican legislature)', when North Carolina suffered its first deficit budget - a three billion dollar big red hole.

    She continued by slamming businesses and Wall Street on one hand, while during this same week, Hillary Clinton will hold /attend three fund raisers by wealthy Wall Street millionaires /billionaires and super rich Hollywood Producers. Considering Hillary's chronic struggle with everyday truths, and her factual reality as a pathological liar from a long term perspective, this is just her Socialist face to a liberal North Carolina cheering mob, and nothing more.

    As she continued speaking, as a pattern socialist, Ms. Hillary B. Clinton spoke to one Liberals' pathetic understanding of real World situations to another, using Socialist buzz words, buzz phrases, and then continued to play to the Liberal simple perceptive constructs of real World truths by emphasising that she had no real understanding of House Bill 2, by pandering to the "LGBT Community" at the expense of any semblance of common sense, which Hillary has more than demonstrated that she has none - remember the facetious 'wiping a server, like with a rag' comment.

    Hillary droned on about: free college (debt free was the code word here), free community college, free health care, free child care, free food, free housing ... free, well free everything. With over 19 trillion dollars in national debt, 11 trillion accrued under Obama, an administration that Hillary B. promises to emulate (so that she may not be indicted by Hussein Obama's corrupt Justice Dept. on a multitude of current felony investigations by the FBI), Hillary never mentioned how we would pay for more free stuff for Liberals ... those that would vote for her, and others like her.

    Never, during the entirety of her speech on: unfunded free stuff for Democrat voters, the racism /bigotry of Whites /Patriots, etc., did she discuss the keeping of communities safe, or our nation defended from Radical Islam. It was a speech for liberal Democrats /Socialists. It was not a speech for an American patriot.

See the entire speech to North Carolina Liberals /Socialists below. You may wish to fast forward through the long winded Jim Hunt introduction speech:

Should Americans be thankful for North Carolinians setting precedent in taking a stand for their state's right to manage the safety of their public facilities, where separation of the sexes remains, or should they follow Bruce Springsteen's lead and boycott the state as bigots since they will not allow grown Transgender men to use the same bathrooms /locker rooms as pre-pubescent girls?
  North Carolina is right to control the separation of the sexes as a matter of decorum and safety.
  North Carolina is a bigoted state to not require that children of opposite sexes share the same public facilities with adults of the opposite sex, although misidentified - the Transgender.
  I generally prefer the natural environs of the vacant, although rather public, large tree.
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What should be the priority of the Federal Government after the "Pulse" massacre: Should we turn our attention toward destroying, earadicating ISIS as Candidate Trump suggests, or, as Democrats' President Obama suggests, broaden our efforts to effect stricter Gun Control laws to limit "Gun Violence?"
83.78%   After many years of trying to degrade and contain the murderous ISIS, we should make it the nation's policy to destroy ISIS immediately.
6.08%   Gun Violence in America can be eliminated by limiting access to guns for all American citizens.
10.14%   I don't care either way; I just live here.
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( June 27th, 2016 @ 1:24 pm )
You must have a stockpile of her best photos.
( June 22nd, 2016 @ 4:51 pm )
You are so perceptive B.T.

As someone that has served with a multitude of Liberals over 18 years, liberals use the code word of community to compartmentalize the special interest funding to buy their votes with public funding outlay.

Specifically, the code word "community" announces: 'We'll take care of them now, and then your community later, providing you stay loyal within the fold.

This is not a cynical analogy; this is the way it has worked for nearly 3 decades, which I am well aware of.
( June 22nd, 2016 @ 4:16 pm )
I could not help but notice how the liberals are always talking about the community.
The LGBT community
The Latino community
The Black community
The Muslim community
It hearkens back to those heady days of Democratic segregation into separate but somewhat unequal communities. Somewhere I thought that the goal was to integrate all into the American community; Except at election time.

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