TMc: Old VN Vets with Guns | Beaufort County Now | This article resulted from a phone conversation with BT who is against concealed carry in the suburbs by untrained idiots. | Gun Shop owners, untrained, drunken college guys, Southern Comfort, Vietnam infantry, combat veterans, White Christians

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TMc: Old VN Vets with Guns

    This article resulted from a phone conversation with, who is wary of concealed carry in the suburbs by untrained idiots. Add untrained, drunken college guys fighting over girls and he predicts trouble. Gun Shop owners think everyone should carry and BT thinks nobody should. The news people hope there will be more TV events. I guess I need to settle this argument.

    Using SWG (scientific wild guess), emotionally skewed laptop data, and some peaches in my Southern Comfort, I reached a logical conclusion that loving guns ain't no thinking thing.

    Vietnam infantry combat veterans had 5% odds of killed in action and 20% odds of wounded during one year of service. Police patrolmen have less than 1/2 of 1% odds of killed and 5% odds of injury in fights; nearly all without guns.

    Most injury occurs at or near home by someone the victim knows; not with a gun. Most accidental shootings are on hunting trips.

    Europe has proven that a homogeneous population of White Christians has a low crime rate and no guns are necessary but when you introduce a large number of Diverse Folks this is not true. However, Europeans are subject to starting world wars.

    Conclusion: Home protection is important. Personal protection in the suburbs is less critical. If I go to a liquor store at midnight downtown Metro, odds are I need a concealed gun. Looking at HW’s paper target, I hope he does not try to shoot anyone near me.


( April 8th, 2016 @ 8:00 am )
HW was shooting at the center target and is pointing to the strays.

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