TMc: Gun Carry Permits 02 | Beaufort County Now | A retired detective vet buddy is giving a Gun Lecture tonight and the wife and I will attend. Laptop research is available and the linked website and photos make a good summary. | retired, detective, vet, Gun Lecture, Laptop research, Georgia, home security link, stray bullets, Basic Gun Carry Training

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TMc: Gun Carry Permits 02

    A retired detective vet buddy is giving a Gun Lecture tonight and the wife and I will attend. Laptop research is available and the linked website and photos make a good summary.

    There are three cases in progress in Georgia: A policeman killed an unarmed naked man attacking him. A homeowner viewed a burglar on her cell phone / home security link, called the police, got home before help arrived and killed the unarmed teenager in her back yard. A man killed a car thief trying to crank the vehicle at a gas station. These are real world situations not the day dream of saving a movie theater crowd for a gunman.

    The news is also full of stories about bystanders-including kids-hit by stray bullets.

    Conclusion: There is a lot to think about before becoming a self-appointed Marshall.

    I will write a final article for this series when I finish Basic Gun Carry Training.


( April 2nd, 2016 @ 6:00 pm )
Good Point Gene, In most cases I suspect that there is an alternative way out without a weapon or never putting yourself in the situation. While that is not always possible, a weapon is a good thing to have as it takes two to tango and an awful lot depends on who is the lead dancer, you or the other fella.
( April 2nd, 2016 @ 4:16 pm )
Early on I heard of the complexities of self defense and injuring an assailant with your gun. It sounded to me like an invitation to pay a lawyer to defend you far more than you might lose in any indicent.

Once in my life I wish I had had a gun when a patient at Dorothea Dix put a pair of barber scissors within 2" of my liver and demanded my keys. That was a case when equal force would have been justified, I am sure!

The fact I was making minimum wage and had 4 locked doors between me an any help caused me to put on my best smile and talk him down so he just locked me in a broom closet and continued his escape. Irregardless, he was back at the hospital withing an hour cuffed between 2 big Wake County Deputies and got the privilege of moving over to the Spruill Building for Criminally Insane and tantamount to Central State Prison.

I would have been covered in blood spatter had I had a weapon and then probably lost my job over PC stuff! Having a more civil approach to personal differences seems more wise to me . . .
( March 24th, 2016 @ 2:00 pm )
In the good old USA today there are many advertisements that encourage you to buy or pay for a course on how to properly use self-defense. I have always suspected that they are secret insurance programs sell you a burial policy if their advice does not work.

However, here is one that I found that appears to be legit and worthwhile if you are planning on getting into a gunfight. It is the link to the Concealed Carry Website, which is also an advertisement to join the group and gain insurance coverage in case you are involved in a self-defense shooting. They have a Silver, Gold and Platinum plan of insurance coverage.

Watch the Video to get an understanding of the options.
( March 24th, 2016 @ 1:26 pm )
GS:BT: The lecture last night said the laws are in the criminals favor. You cannot shoot unarmed men unless running at you. Men have difficulty proving they were afraid. I will work on my final article today. Hope you guys do a few articles on this important topic while the News Media drives us crazy.
( March 24th, 2016 @ 12:17 pm )

I think Tennessee requires a class and range practice before issuing a carry permit. My brother had to go to it when he got his permit. Georgia is basically sign up, fingerprint and wait for background check as you said. Correct me if this is incorrect.

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