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If you have not noticed the facism of the left during the last seven years in government, just pay attention to the current condition on college campuses

    If you have not noticed the fascism of the Left during the last seven years in government, just pay attention to the current condition on college campuses. Colleges have always been a forum for young minds of mush to be opened up to new ways of thinking. Somewhere in the 1960's the idea came to college students that they could yell and demand change and the world would bow to their wishes. That was a result of the baby boomer generation coming of age. My personal opinion on many of the baby boomer generation is that they are a bunch of spoiled brats who were never told no or experienced the discipline of "sit down and shut up". I can say that without fear of reproach since I was born in 1945 which is one year before the official demarcation line of the Baby Boom Generation.

    Well, the Boom is now in charge and most of the far left nuts are now running our colleges and universities. When they are confronted with the youthful over exuberance and over the top self importance that is a birth right of the young, they have no option but to acquiesce to the demands of the students. You see the inmates are now running the asylum and the people in charge are confronted with their own philosophies coming back at them.

    Their only option is to resign and allow someone else take over the controls. If you don't agree with someone, all you have to do is shout them down, call them racist, lash back at the greed of the world and go live safely in the cocoon that is your dorm life.

    What happens when this current generation ages and takes over. That would be the third or fourth generation that was raised on the privilege of not having to obey any rules or laws. It may have started with the "if it feels good, do it", but it is now well into the "if I don't like it, you can't do it".

    How does that fit in with the title of the Liberal mentality? Well just like they accused the straight jacketed far right of being fascist, they are now going down the same road. I used to work with a good ole country boy who would often say "you can run into the ditch on both sides of the road". I believed him then and I find it more true today than ever.

    The ability to control and brow beat others into you way of thinking is not a left or right thing. It is anarchy in action. Both sides will use the power that they possess or think they possess to force others into conformity.

    For many years our government operated on the rule of law where everyone had a right to their opinion and could express it without fear of government reproach. That may still be true but it has always been possible to influence the crowd by the shear force of you venom. What has been the leveling influence is the respect for law and order that we seem to have lost.

    Some of the Progressive or Liberal adherents (There is no difference) are using the same techniques that they accused the religious right of using. It is in our nature to attempt to bend others to our way of thinking. If we can't do it with persuasion, we will do it with derision, defamation or outright physical force.

    Eagar Allan Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum" is a study of the effect terror has on the narrator. In this case the narrator is us or as Pogo said ...

   What happens when it gets too hopeless?

Who is John Galt????

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