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The Democrat party, led by their Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tacitly endorses this position by proxy as they have only recently endorsed Black Lives Matter, and their bizarrely racist behavior.

Why is it that Stan posts his darkest articles in the wee hours of the morning?

    Why does he always show disdain at anything less than ABJECT CONSERVATIVE?

             •  "The Democrat party, led by their Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tacitly endorses this position by proxy as they have only recently endorsed Black Lives Matter, and their bizarrely racist behavior."

             • Now, if you think that the Black Lives Matter group could solely be responsible for all executions, there is no proof of such; however, they do have a responsibility to denounce those that advocate the murderous executions that have already happened. They will be known as far worse than a racist institution ... I think the vernacular is Accessory. For instance, one of their associates put out this bit of terrible information, a call for egregious violence against innocents. Reminds me of ISIS. How about you?

             • Possibly, the larger question may become, and will remain: Why do the Democrats promote racism rather than patriotism in these tremulous times? Any success by the Democrat party going forward will be, moreover, a statement of who we are as Americans, rather than the success of the Democrats' message."

    The latest headline article is as distorted as any Rush Limbaugh or Donald Trump rant, in my view. The above parts of the article deserve a far more reasoned response

    1. TACITLY = "by extension and extrapolation and in my pushed logic" --- Democrats are racists and Conservatives are not. This is tantamount to the same Conservative false allegation that "Democrats are Abortionists / pro-gay / prayer hating / never-go-to-church low and immoral "pigs." Is that close enough for me to TACITLY describe the ultra-conservative hate-speak of the badgering Tea Party???

    2. The people who have gotten guns with little to no background checks and pulled the trigger on cops / blacks / anyone / tote them now in Beaufort County are the ONLY ONES responsible for death and violence. I don't need to pack heat on my side as one citizen who is proud of our Law Enforcement Peace Officers here. They will promptly be Johnny-on-the-spot to Bayview within 10 minutes. Hood and Stan, Inc. dare not spend money paid by over-evaluated property assessment --- so they can enjoy a fat bank account rather than efficient Public Services . . .

    3. I can't believe anyone would accuse Democrats of promoting RACISM as Donald Trump draws their largest percentage of support --- ranting over a wall to block immigrants / taking the oil of the Middle East Countries by force / speculating EVERY IMMIGRANT IS A TERRORIST OR CRIMINAL. He is but one of the Clown Candidates of their Primary in my hearing of him.

    STANLOGIC seems to go wild in the wee hours of his posting . . . THAT IS ALL! Wake up, my friend and open up the logical part of your brain. That is why I write most of my articles in the fresh hours of awaking with a smile on my face. . .
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( September 5th, 2015 @ 9:46 am )
The larger question remains: Wy is the Democrat party still supporting, endorsing racism? Can't Democrats evolve past their racist roots?

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