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Baltimore is run by Liberals, and has been for many decades. The barbaric anarchy in the streets of Baltimore. this April 27, 2015, is a true embarrassment even for Baltimore, a city, not unlike Detroit, Michigan, that has long been in a state of perpetual decline.

    Publisher's note: I wrote this post on April 29, 2015, one day after the great Baltimore riot, but I have moved it up a bit on our news feed, so the publish date reflects the last date moved forward, and not the original date published - April 29.

    Since I published this thumbnail synopsis of why Baltimore failed its people, and now is failing them still, it has become demonstrably worse, made more terrible by the pathetic performance of not only the Mayor, but now the political hackery of Baltimore City's State Attorney's General Marilyn Mosby, a highly celebrated "Young African American Woman". Ms. Mosby may well have soured the milk of justice by insinuating the absolute guilt of 6 Baltimore police officers held in the death of Freddy Gray. For her, the pursuit of justice may take an irrevocable back seat to her political pursuits, her advancement as a "Strong Young African American Woman".

    Truly, her prejudiced pronouncements in the early stages of her prosecution will surely jeopardize the case's venue, and what then if the accused Baltimore cops (3 White, 3 Black) are not aspirationally prosecuted because of Ms. Mosby's prejudicial statements. What then for Baltimore? Yet another riot because your elected Democrat did not do her job, and rather sought political advancement over justice? If we have not learned anything over the last 6 1/3 years, have we not learned that bad political behavior is equally rewarded, and often in a very bad way.

    Baltimore is run by Liberals, and has been for many decades. The barbaric anarchy in the streets of Baltimore. this April 27, 2015, is a true embarrassment even for Baltimore, a city, not unlike Detroit, Michigan, that has long been in a state of perpetual decline.

    Like Detroit, Baltimore has long been in the grip of ultra liberal politicians, who waste resources first, and actually cogitate the reality of governing effectively second. For example, take the mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. With Baltimore's buildings on fire, and police officers stoned to the point of multiple broken bones, the infamous mayor publicly pronounced that her city government: “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that.”

    In real terms, Ms. Rawlings-Blake wanted to exhibit a oneness with those that she considered simply protesters of the alleged wrongful death of the Baltimore man, Freddy Gray, rather than the same inividuals that Right thinking folks would consider lawless thugs. Her hands off the criminals policy, as well exhibited in her comments below; as Baltimore burned, as police cruisers were pounded by looted liquor bottles as they sped to safety away from the 'maddening crowd', ironically, 'the whole world was watching'.

    Because of Mayor Rawlings-Blake's tepid rules of engagement, the Baltimore Police were wholly ineffective, and, understandably, overwhelmed, where there were almost as many serious bodily injuries to Baltimore's officers, as there were arrests on a night of tens of thousands of lawless acts. Not until the Republican governor, Larry Hogan, enacted a state of emergency, and deployed his national guard with loaded weapons at the ready, was the public anarchy calmed to the point of a relative safety.

    What occurred in Baltimore this night was just a mess. It was a symptom of complete government breakdown, not unlike the worst of what occurred in Detroit, and other cities run by Liberals, who really never manage to do what is prudent, only to do what was expedient to stay in office and remain on the government teat.

    Selling off the prestige of one's elected office to remain in office, in control of the immediate destiny of those that are also totally reliant on the government teat, is a tenable position of safety that these politicians will never deserve. Yet, they stay in power, hang around useless, regardless, they remain in power, and when the stuff hits the fan, as it did in Baltimore, they say stupid stuff, stupid like Baltimore's Mayor Rawlings-Blake.

    Last night's culmination of riots, theft, brutality and arson is the outgrowth of decades of bad politicians elected by the very people that cry that they are victims of their government. This is a public masochism of profound proportions, and now the citizens of Baltimore are well reaping what they have well sown.

Considering the riotous acrimony in the welfare state of Baltimore: Which tenet of self-government should this city, like so many Northern cities under the clutches systemic liberal policies, embrace to better govern its people to forestall complete anarchy?
5.5%   Baltimore's government should continue to care for those that can't or won't help themselves.
90.83%   Baltimore's government should revert back to a policy of self-help first, then provide assistance.
3.67%   Baltimore's government needs more welfare to appease those that would be thugs.
109 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( May 2nd, 2015 @ 10:17 am )
I have been to Baltimore / seen the slums / know how Atlanta is in places / the problem is we build big bridges over the slums so we don't have to even see them!

I read a book while at Emory concerning the divisions of class and color which divide America in the 60's --- and still do today . . .
( May 2nd, 2015 @ 8:57 am )
Poverty of mind, poverty of spirit, poverty of intelligence in their elected officials, Baltimore has it all.

Maryland is a divided state between regular folks and the profoundly stupid, and for quite a while, the stupid have been winning.

Good one Ted on the redistribution of poverty angle. Maryland has the corner on it.

Believe it or not< once Maryland was considered a Southern state. There are many residents on the eastern shore and in their small spit of mountains wish they could be southerners. They detest their stupid elected leaders.

Maryland is a great example of when the electorate gets stupid, they elect the stupid.
( May 2nd, 2015 @ 8:42 am )
I assume all have now gotten the news over the State's Attorney in Baltimore making formal charges against several Officers involved in the death. They range from murder to manslaughter. She is black and has many relatives, including her father and mother, who were Police Officers!

The announcement showed much honest enforcement of law in a quick time---which is not happening in the other wrongful death charges between white officers and black citizens coming--in buckets--to the light of exposure.

I gather that she has nothing to do with Al Sharpton (whom I disrespect as much as Jesse Jackson--both getting rich off hate of their own). 2 sources of information emerged in the investigation. We now know what a "rough ride" can do to a prisoner arrested without "due cause." The autopsy showed a locking bolt size depression in the back of his skull and 4 stops where he was complaining of not being able to breath, BUT no medical help was given.

Now let's quit the speculation and watch justice take its course . . .
( May 2nd, 2015 @ 7:35 am )
Redistribution of Poverty. I came up with this brilliant idea after the 2nd cup of coffee.
This plan is working in Baltimore and can work in other major cities.
( May 2nd, 2015 @ 6:35 am )
Afro Canadians may have solved their problems. I Googled and could find no information on Afro Canadians. The search for Black Canadians suggests that 2% of Canadians consider themselves Black while 17% are obviously Black. What are they teaching in history class up there?
( May 1st, 2015 @ 2:04 am )
The Welfare Mayor of Baltimore, Ms. Rawlings-Blake, has now hired the Racist Al Sharpton to handle her media affairs.

Ms. Rawlings-Blake may continue to get the stupid vote, but how far can that take you in politics? Obviously, pretty far in Maryland.
( April 30th, 2015 @ 10:54 am )
It does appear in retrospect that Baltimore's Mayor Rawlings-Blake was, and still is way out of her element in dealing with her felonious and violent constituents.

Now the welfare Mayor is taking umbrage with the scum of her city being called "thugs".
( April 30th, 2015 @ 6:04 am )
The War on Poverty and Vietnam War both began to bankrupt America. Any common sense should have told us you can't fight and pay forever with nothing but dependency as the result.

The problem with Social Security now is that a Trust Fund designed to go up and down with inflation and calculated carefully to be a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) was sucked into the General Budget to cover the cost of War! Now the Budget gave only a 1.5% increase in a 5% inflation scenario this year. All of us who paid the tax through our working life are more than pissed at this!!!

Here is the ticket on war that Bush started:

If we count a generation as 10 years, we now have FIVE generations of dependent Americans who should have worked their way up in the first 10 years or been cut off. Our Agencies to handle the program are in larger and larger buildings and growing in employees as well.

When Santee-Wateree did the first funding of programs, one was to provide a housekeeper to qualifying people who would go around each week and clean their houses for them. As the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bishopville, SC, we lived in the nicest parsonage in SC---BUT we did the housework. The custodian cut the grass, but I gladly kept the bushes and cut a tree down. I consulted with the County Agent and got directions to correct the fungus problems killing all the shrubs.

Some of my best thinking time for good sermons was when doing yard work. It made me fit and anyone who want to get out of poverty can think their way out as a first step---while doing work with a swing blade and mower!!!

2 wars, one killing and maiming my friend and the other making people into porch bunnies was STUPID!!!
( April 29th, 2015 @ 7:09 pm )
You now have generations of pathetic humans who do not know how to work, what is expected of work ... the truly pathetic, yet they can still buy almost anything they need.

This will change ... over 17 trillion federal debt ... this will change.

Either by taking away their right to vote, and the rest of us well arming ourselves, this will change.
( April 29th, 2015 @ 7:03 pm )
I am going to sound harsh here on Welfare:

I think we have the perfect solution for WIC card obesity and unemployment~~~instead of hiring all the tractors and prisoners being used to keep roadsides---let each recipient do the same 40 hours a week of public work BEFORE the card is charged! They can fix potholes alongside DOT workers as well.

This is just the start of ending a 5-generation sucking of the tit on Title XX. Had I had my way, it would have terminated in year 10. If you can't get out of your hole in 10 years---TOO DAMN BAD!
( April 29th, 2015 @ 7:00 pm )
Welfare is the great poliitial evil of the Democrat and the RINO.
( April 29th, 2015 @ 5:57 pm )
I am TOTALLY in agreement with Ted on Welfare. It has now been 5 generations since I served on the Title XX (LBJ War on Poverty) funds going to the Santee-Wateree 5-county district of SC. I stated in the meeting--and still contend--any program which makes a person want to stay on government subsidies for a month longer than necessary---IS NOT DOING ANYONE A FAVOR!

Stan should kiss me on the cheek over that totally Conservative view---"I shall shave close," as General Patton said in his formal apology for hitting a soldier.

On the Baltimore Mess is say --- the whole thing looks like Brown Shirt thugs rounding up the Jews into their new Ghetto. If Siren gas gets used on the crowds, we will soon know if the Conservative Propaganda line is just a cover for Police Terrorism . . .
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