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There is a significant pattern emerging here with Beaufort County Commissioner Don Cox: accuse your opponent of outrageous failings and then become that guy yourself. Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage, Don Cox, Washington Strategic Group, Beaufort County Commissioner race
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Once again: WHERE WAS DON COX?

At the second Candidates' Forum of Week, the Sophistic Mr. Cox did not bother to show up ... again; this time at the ideologically moderate Republican club, Thursday, April 24, 2014.

    There is a significant pattern emerging here with Beaufort County Commissioner Candidate Don Cox: accuse your opponent of outrageous failings and then become that guy yourself. Such is the case with Mr. Sophistry in his last 'hit piece' mailer aimed directly at me to a large extent, and to a lesser extent, Candidate Keith Kidwell.

    In that outrageous 'hit piece', Commissioner Candidate Cox did accuse me of having 'no respect for the taxpayers' because 'I was habitually late'. He also insinuated that myself and Keith Kidwell were each 1/2 of the 'laziest man in Beaufort County'. More silliness from a candidate that is not serious, handled by so-called political consultants, the Washington Strategic Group, who obviously advise this lump of clay to: have no real positions on issues; vehemently attack his more serious, more accomplished opponent; and then advise that candidate, under their political care, to ignore the electorate that cares enough to venture out to witness candidates bare their political souls. Just how pathetic does a candidate have to be to hire these sophistic 'stooges'.

    This is incredible to me, for in my 18 plus years of intermittently running for office, I have never missed an opportunity to speak directly to the actual voters, juxtaposed against my fellow candidates ... the ones that actually bother to show up.

    One half of the 'laziest man in Beaufort County'?

    Since I was so roundly criticized by Mr. No Show, judged to be unfit to serve, due to his twin accusations of my 'tardiness' and my 'laziness', I now think I understand Mr. Cox's tact on the issue. He is projecting upon my good name his very failings, failings which he has now well exhibited in his campaign to wrest from me the People's seat to serve this county.

    As a stark contrast to the Sophistic Mr. Cox, I do show up to all Candidates' forums, and I don't miss county commissioner meetings, while Don Cox is no where to be found at either. That is right, he has never bothered to show up to either, not ever. To further contrast myself with this wannabe county commissioner, I work very hard at my 'day job'. I employ good people, who create great products, and we are striving to be best at what we do regionally - it is a matter of excellence, and the pure diligence that creates such. If Don Cox and I are such very different people, in regards to political acumen and just plain integral honesty, one must rightly question: Just how different are we in matters of work ethic, and how could he better serve the good people of this county?

    To provide some semblance of service to those that would elect you to serve, you must bring your skills to that table, and reasonable people will question: Who really is Don Cox, and just what skills does he bring to the People's table of self-government? If the Sophistic Mr. Cox continues to never actually show up to anything, I reckon we will never know.


( March 5th, 2020 @ 4:03 pm )
Wow! Don Cox had the "nerve" to call someone lazy? He is one of the laziest men I have ever seen. He stays on facebook the majority of the day trying to get some recognition and praise for himself through his constant food post,etc.

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