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Movie Reviews

Major Capra was fresh from his stint in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Colonel Stewart had just provided the U.S. Army Air Corps his best years. And these two great patriots made one great film.
Inman is driven toward his inevitable purpose in this love story set against the backdrop of the Civil War in Virginia and North Carolina.
The Last Waltz is arguably Oscar Winner Martin Scorsese's best film as it documents The Band as they bid fairwell to an eclectic collection of their most adoring fans.
If anyone hasn't seen the movie UNPLANNED, I urge you to do so. There are several take-home messages from the movie, as expressed by the woman not only who wrote the book on which the movie was based (Abby Johnson) but on whose experiences the story was based.
Famed Chinese Director Yimou Zhang rendered in images, sound and story his poem to his country men, and the world, the allegorical beginning of the Qin Dynasty, and the difficult and bloody birth of what is today the People's Republic of China.
Just the film title itself, "Pulp Fiction" denotes a lightweight film. If one dissects the story, the message, the importance of the film, "Pulp Fiction" comes up light.
Touching film full of life lessons, with more than its share of unforced humor, "The Blind Side" was easily one of the best films of 2009.
This Francis Ford Coppola classic, about a man trying to hold his family together while seeking the American Dream, launched the careers of a number of America's greatest actors.



For the few years that the Turnage Theater did operate as an ongoing concern, they did book at least one Christmas show each year. In 2009, they booked, and I did attend "Christmas the Cowboy Way, featuring the Riders in the Sky.
I'll start my contribution to this series with one of the most beautiful spiritual songs . A musical version of the Catholic Rosary.
Like many, I first heard this song in 1963 when a popular folk group, Peter Paul and Mary, sang in on their album.
I always like the old tunes of my youth, but I also like to see or hear contemporary musicians singing the old standards
Jeff Walker has died October 23, 2020 @ 78 years old
In the Age of Covid, the 2020 CMA awards finally were aired in empty music halls all around Nashville, which much of the music presented, representing this New Country genre served up within these empty spaces, actually deserved.
John Prine passed from complications of COVID19, He was 73 Years old.

Visiting Writers

It is not an odd grouping at all; One about home, one about hope and one about peace, that about covers it for me.
Veterans Day is a festive celebration by those who returned, married, had kids, worked and retired. We are the one who have reunions and share photos and stories.
This is not a “Love it or Leave it” rant. It's a “Make Yourself Happy” article.


Somebody's Laughing

Joe Biden, the former US Senator from a three county state, and later the Vice President of these United States, picked as a human insurance policy, arguably to remove then president Barrack Hussein Obama from any threat of assassination, is a funny guy.
Billy Crystal and Bobby Tony review getting old. He is funny, You be the judge on Bobby Tony
As we get older, we sometimes begin to doubt our ability to "make a difference" in the world.

Upon the Stage

If not for my daughter calling my wife and I to alert us that an NBC live version of Jesus Christ Superstar was available on TV this Easter Sunday evening, we would have missed the production.
My Fair Lady comes to Raleigh, but not as the musical that many have come to love. It came to Raleigh as a sparsely acted concert performed beautifully by the North Carolina Symphony.
Arts of the Pamlico will kick off its school holiday art break series on April 10th with a week-long arts extravaganza!


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