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On December 22, 2014, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a Sex Offense that occurred in a wooded area off of Hwy 306 in Aurora. Investigators collected evidence and started an investigation.
The Fortify 40/440 project is an NC DOT effort to re-build the southern part of the I-40 beltline. Naturally, a major highway construction project like this means lane closures and major traffic jams for commuters. In this case, however, it also means a waste of NC taxpayers' money.
Since early November, it has been a quantifiable losing streak for Amateur Obama, and The Amateur ain't helping., Inc. is a Pittsburgh, PA-based company that evaluates and ranks K-12 schools, colleges, cities, and neighborhoods. They recently released their 2015 ranking of public schools and school districts in each state, as well as a national ranking of private and public schools and districts.
Delusional enough to know only a small part of Muslims and Americans run their lives on HATE .
Patrons of Todd Dining Hall at East Carolina University were entertained by ECU alumnus Chris Grymes' "pop-up performance" on Jan. 21.
European civilization collapsed in the centuries following the fall of Rome. Barbarian hordes overran much of the continent. The vibrant intellectual life of Greece and Rome was no more; learning and literacy plummeted between the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas.
America's vacationing, golfing, gala functionary, really cool (to the weak of mind) commander-in-chief continues, through world crisis, as America's first amateur president in modern times.
There's a corner in my house that is highly attractive to cats. In a few short years, this place has gone from somewhere no cat would ever be seen to an area heavily visited by kitties. One might describe this spot as an Emerging Leader in Cat Corners.

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