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Governor McCrory has ordered the Executive Mansion to be lit in orange light this evening in recognition of September as "Hunger Action Month."
True Conservatives understand why our country is falling apart. It's not that we lack the power and the ability to be the country we used to be; it's that our citizenry has willfully and ignorantly abandoned a moral imperative to defend our American ideals by living those ideals.
Incoming kindergartners throughout eastern North Carolina will soon be better prepared for classroom learning thanks to a $1.3 million grant awarded to East Carolina University.
In 2013 North Carolina instituted sweeping tax reform and began the process of making its tax system more efficient and more consistent with liberty.
Today, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) spoke out in strong opposition to President Barack Obama's plan to spend U.S. taxpayer dollars to train and arm so-called "moderate" Muslim Syrian rebels.
On September 11, 2014, Deputies with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office responded to a trespassing call on Highway 32 North in Pinetown, NC. When Deputies arrived at the residence, they found two subjects sitting in a car in the backyard. After speaking with the subjects, Deputies performed a sear
What was so disturbing about those political consultants, unaffectionately known as the 'Three Stooges' (WSG), is that they participated in the slander of my person through the mailers and the whisper campaign employing only pure lies about my good character.
It seems the author, P.L. Travers, was quite a hand-full for Walt Disney. With all pomp and circumstance she was invited to Los Angeles to approve the script and movie.
Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced today that AvidXchange will expand its headquarters operations in Charlotte. The company plans to create 603 jobs in Mecklenburg County by the end of 2018 and invest more than $21.4 million.