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Now retired for 5 years, my cell phone and email contacts are 10 in place of the original 100. What happened?
The conflict conservative legislators face between satisfying constituents and staying true to free-market principles is playing out in the debate over the scope of North Carolina's certificate of need law, a set of rules governing where a host of medical facilities - diagnostic centers, psychiatric
From the early times of the Christian faith there have been charlatans. Simon the Magician is the first cited in the New Testament.
We first told you about this guy — representing Orange County in the General Assembly. He feel guilty about being white. And it’s earned him ridicule from a national audience that included Rush Limbaugh.
When Columbia University's Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board complained a few weeks ago that "many texts in the Western canon [contain] triggering and offensive material that marginalizes student identities," I thought of China, whose education minister vowed to ban...
Everyone is talking about the $22 billion+ House Budget and what will happen to the spending plan now that it has crossed chambers and is in the hands of the Senate. Senate leaders will be meeting all this week to start their preparations before it is debated in sub-committees. We should expect a...
Two East Carolina University professors are the first to receive the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Early Career Award recognizing exceptional performance by tenure track professors.
Governor Pat McCrory attended the ribbon cutting of a new Dex Heavy Duty Parts Facility in Advance, North Carolina today.
Amid the uncertainty of state budget negotiations, one fact still holds: North Carolina's corporate tax rates will continue to drop, and those cuts will improve the state's standing in an index from the Tax Foundation in Washington, D.C., ranking state business climates.

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