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There's a corner in my house that is highly attractive to cats. In a few short years, this place has gone from somewhere no cat would ever be seen to an area heavily visited by kitties. One might describe this spot as an Emerging Leader in Cat Corners.
When we speak about "academic freedom" what, exactly, do we mean? How far should academic freedom extend? How do we know when someone claiming it has actually abused it?
As many of you may have noticed, there are subtle changes to Beaufort County NOW. And while they may seem insignificant to some naked eyes, they represent a major turning point for what we intend to provide, and the direction that it will be provided to the community.
Renee Ellmers (Ellmers for Congress)Salon's Joan Walsh leaped into the breach today to defend the honor of our very own Big GovtBarbie.
Often described as the modern Jimmy Stewart, Tom Hanks has the versatility of character adaptation to play roles that his audience identify with, especially in roles that offer him the range to be the quintessential American.
The 2015 legislative session has commenced, which means that the House and Senate will be hashing out their differences about how best to reform our state's Medicaid program. The Senate favors a privatization approach, where multiple managed care companies (MCOs) compete for state contracts to...
President Obama is proposing that two years of community college education be provided by federal and state governments free to students who are enrolled at least half time and maintain a 2.5 GPA.
Accept responsibility when it comes, the editor-in-chief of Ebony magazine Mitzi Miller told a crowd at East Carolina University Tuesday night. Even though a task may seem overwhelming, she said, "You accept it; you move forward."
Now I am seeing ~~~ for real ~~~ how the Republican Elephant can fly an altered State of the Union speech.
In North Carolina, left-wing nonprofit advocacy groups for decades have wielded an alarming amount of power in the media, state politics, and government. They work together, both in loose coalitions and organized networks, to influence and control public policy.
Steve Logan, former East Carolina University head football coach, recently remarked that things don't usually turn out well for head coaches. The same is often true for anyone who serves "at the pleasure" of someone or some group. UNC President Tom Ross is the latest example.
On December 22, 2014, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a Sex Offense that occurred in a wooded area off of Hwy 306 in Aurora. Investigators collected evidence and started an investigation.
Acclaimed octogenarian film director /actor Clint Eastwood, and rising film star Bradley Cooper, who producer of American Sniper may just have a monetary, and critically acclaimed hit on their hands with the Chris Kyle biopic that each are so powerfully responsible for.
The Carrboro Police Department saved the life of a resident Monday night (Jan. 12) - the first time naloxone was used by any police department in North Carolina.
Religious liberty - which is the first right secured in the Bill of Rights - has won again in the nation's highest court. In a unanimous decision this week (Holt v. Hobbs), the U.S. Supreme Court has held that an Arkansas state prison policy that prohibited inmates from growing beards...
Since early November, it has been a quantifiable losing streak for Amateur Obama, and The Amateur ain't helping.
Please click on the link to access the agenda for the January 26, 2015 City Council meeting.
If you were tuning in to discover the direction of your nation for the next year, you would have been sadly misinformed.
As part of continued customer focus and enhancement of North Carolina's infrastructure, Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Tony Tata will meet with local leaders and transportation officials to consider all options for a recently widened section of...
Bobby "Chop" Boyd, 54, of Straits, formerly of Washington, died Thursday, January 22, 2015 at Carteret General Hospital.
Mrs. Ruth Johnson Little, formerly of Washington, NC died Friday, January 16, 2015 in Patterson, NJ.
Mrs. Helen Daniels Dixon, 94, a resident of Washington, died Saturday, January 24, 2015 at River Trace Nursing & Rehabilitation Center of Washington.
Mrs. Mary Ruth "Polly" Smith Hawkins, age 85, a resident of Chocowinity, NC died Saturday January 24, 2015 at Vidant Inpatient Hospice of Greenville.
Mrs. Ruth Naomi Moore Paschall, age 67, a resident of Chocowinity, NC died Saturday January 24, 2015 at Vidant Beaufort Hospital.
Mr. Henry Hyrum Toler, 68, a resident of 665 Flanders Filters Road, Washington, died on Friday, January 23, 2015 at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.
"We must raise the minimum wage." That is one mantra emanating from progressives across the country and here in North Carolina.
Beaufort County Community College is a finalist in STANLEY Security's Together for Safer Schools grant program. BCCC could win up to $100,000 in STANLEY Security installed products and services to help secure students and facilities within the campus environment if it receives enough votes of...
Before all of you education industry zealots consider that I don't care about "The Children" getting more free education, or something as equally ridiculous, just hear me out on this one: Free Community College for everyone is an incredibly bad idea.
East Carolina University archivists are in the middle of a yearlong project to catalogue everything from film reels to financial statements from more than 600 outdoor theaters across the nation.
We will offer this allotment of three with more to come; some old, most new, but all quite informative, and, moreover, necessary to understanding that in North Carolina, there is a wiser path to govern ourselves and our People.
Governor Pat McCrory announced today that Rebecca Eggers-Gryder has been appointed District Court Judge in the 24th Judicial District. Eggers-Gryder will fill the vacancy created by the governor's appointment of former Chief District Court Judge Gregory Horne to the Superior Court bench in...
When Chris Kyle was a young boy growing up in central Texas, he learned to hunt, to fight to win, loved Jesus, bronco busting and pretty girls.
On January 20, 2015, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office received a report of a missing person on Old Pamlico Beach Road West in Belhaven, NC. A family member reported that Deanna Perry Cauley, age 42, of Sidney Road in Belhaven left a residence located on Old Pamlico Beach Road during the...
Republicans have been quick to claim their tax reform agenda eliminated many unfair tax loopholes and carve-outs for special interests in North Carolina, but there are strong signals that tax-fueled incentives could return in the upcoming session.
Every year, local newspapers announce the Golden Leaf Scholarship as an opportunity for NC residents. It is a scholarship offered by the Golden Leaf Foundation for high school seniors entering as Freshmen into eligible 4yr college/universities OR Community College transfer students.
Stan has spurred me to further research over the Conservative / Liberal split. Unbeknownst to me a good old High School buddy supplied me with the ultimate answer!
East Carolina University will host two public forums to gather feedback on the naming of Charles B. Aycock Residence Hall — one session focused on students' opinions and the other for employees, alumni and the community.
On 01-13-2015, Investigators with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office Drug Unit arrested Larry Warren Jr., 22 years of age, of 5525 Fleta Street in Washington, Jeffery Moore Jr., 23 years of age, of 5508 Fleta Street in Washington and Rhonda Roundtree, 49 years of age, of 1111 Bridge Street in...
Efficient, effective, accountable, and transparent — legislators and policy advisers tout each of these goals when crafting the state's budget. While these outcomes are goals for lawmakers, many decisions must be made in order to achieve these goals.
Tom Ross is on the way out as president of the University of North Carolina - although he will remain in his position until January 2016. While Ross's departure was inevitable, it is puzzling that John Fennebresque, who serves as chairman of the system's Board of Governors, extended Ross's tenure...
One of Governor Pat McCrory's top efficiency initiatives, North Carolina's Procurement Transformation Project, is saving the state an estimated $32 million over the course of three years on four major state contracts.
Jim Graham, our late Commissioner of Agriculture, used to entertain audiences by braying like a mule, explaining that the mule was not only the symbol of the Democratic Party but also a reminder of our roots as an agricultural state.
Frustration with the rising cost of health care gave politicians the ammo they needed to hang this ObamaCare monstrosity around our necks.
America's vacationing, golfing, gala functionary, really cool (to the weak of mind) commander-in-chief continues, through world crisis, as America's first amateur president in modern times.
Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) is calling on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to allocate additional funding to dredge Eastern North Carolina’s Morehead City Harbor.
Deanna Kendra Perry Cauley, 42, died on January 20, 2015 in the Pamlico Beach Community of Beaufort County.
It is with sadness that we stand witness today to the life and departure of Yvonne Gibbs Langley who on January 21, 2015 lost her battle to cancer.
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